Dr. Field G. Harrison graduated from Baylor University Medical School with a vision to change the practice of dentistry. He realized dentists and dental colleges were far behind in dental technology, surgical techniques and patient care. That’s why MINT dentistry is unlike any other dental practice you’ve experienced. Dr. Harrison was one of the first dentists to embrace the concept of a dental spa: a place so refreshing and relaxing that patients would look forward to a trip to the dentist and where doctors of dental surgery would use only the newest technology and techniques to create a new smile.

Dr. Harrison’s vision was to bring this new kind of dental practice to the masses, to the people who wanted healthy beautiful teeth but were priced out of crowns, veneers and implants by the expensive dentists. He has guided Mint Dentistry’s stunning growth from one five person office to what will soon be 20 offices employing over 400 people. And that’s just this year. Their growth trajectory means Mint Dentistry could grow to over 100 offices in the next five years.

Dr. Harrison is always looking for ways to improve patient experience, whether it’s accepting most insurance plants, or developing a new surgical technique to install veneers with 80% less tissue removal to speed recovery time.

He is also a visionary entrepreneur. After pouring over the tax code and tax law, he started Chrysos Wealth Preservation, a complete disrupter for companies who prepare taxes for their super wealthy clientele. He has also launched a construction company and real estate company aimed to help dentists launch new offices. And he is a sought after speaker to business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Finally, Dr. Harrison’s devout faith is at the heart of everything he does, from his generous philanthropy, to providing liberal insurance benefits to his employees to his role as a proud husband and father. Though still well under 40, his faith has led him to become a leading voice of innovation, inspiration, and influence in dentistry and


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