Lance, a tech veteran with 30+ years’ experience, has built a multifaceted career in technology spanning a myriad of disciplines, from cyber security, data warehousing,  e-commerce, streaming, cloud technologies, virtualization, and convergence, among others. His wheelhouse in technology was cultivated early in his career, when he was recruited by Airfone. There, he played a critical engineering role in pioneering aviation technology for the world’s first public use air-to-ground communications system onboard commercial airliners. Such innovations paved the way for inflight communications and entertainment today. Life after Airfone and a brief post teaching semiconductors, digital technologies, and robotics at his alma mater, Lance relocated to Virginia Beach to head the computer and network engineering programs for Computer Dynamics Institute. Following CDI, he served as Senior Network Engineer and Manager for The Christian Broadcasting Network for 10 years.

In 2000, Lance began advising The Potter’s House on tech initiatives. To this end, he moved to Dallas in 2003, to join the 30,000-member organization’s staff as the Director of IT.  In addition to overseeing the mega-ministry’s technology space, Lance manages the ministry’s streaming and website infrastructure, which hosts millions of unique visitors every year.

Lance is an authoritative innovator whose ambition rests on exploring solutions to solve complex challenges. A sought-after subject matter expert (SME) and conference speaker, he holds several coveted industry certifications and has been quoted and featured in several publications. His tenure includes serving as advisor to Fortune 100 companies, from large law firms, to broadcasting, medical, aviation, financial, and nonprofit spaces. Lance’s portfolio spans Microsoft, Cisco, and HP, among other blue-chip companies. From simple technology implementations to complex solutions, Lance leverages his technical acumen to deliver positive outcomes to a global audience.


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