Andre Guthrie is the Co-Founder of Fundraise411 and serves as the Chief Strategist. In this role, he provides direction and insight across all areas of service. Andre is a master salesman, business strategist, telesales expert and technology aficionado. He began his career as a stock broker before leading an international tele-sales training initiative across India. Andre is versed in various proven sales techniques including the Sandler Method of Sales and Dale Carnegie. His career success extends into the industries of finance, real estate, software sales, web design and digital marketing. He also owns a marketing and private equity fund.

Andre has the innate ability to assess, analyze, apply and engage all parties to close deals. His wit and┬ácomprehensive knowledge of social design has resulted in a global portfolio of business relationships and partners across industry lines. He strongly believes in “how you do anything is how you do everything.”


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