Vonni Guthrie is dedicated to the mission of advancing the common good through action, advocacy and education as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fundraise411. Her team works with churches and nonprofits in effectively managing people, programs and positioning. Through the lens of philanthropy and best practice, they optimize opportunities, diversify resources and forge sustainable solutions. Her breath of knowledge is extensive with over 20 years of experience in the social sector, notably raising and managing millions in revenue. Vonni is a highly sought after industry teacher and keynote speaker whose riveting story of nonprofit child recipient turned nonprofit leader fuels her passion daily.

Vonni is the inaugural recipient of Columbia University’s prestigious Program for Academic Leadership and Service Scholarship. She graduated with honors, received the coveted Dean’s Citation and Outstanding Service Award to name a few accolades. Vonni also authored “Moving Beyond HERE”, a personal development book. She is most proud of her role as wife to her husband, Andre, for over 20 years and mother to their 4 children.


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