Pastor Keion Henderson is highly regarded as an effective leader among leaders, having spent more than 20 years in active ministry and preaching before thousands in countries around the globe. As a forerunner and catalyst for growth, he balances the confluence of ministry and marketplace as CEO of a global business enterprise, managing an extensive portfolio and franchise under his company, The Henderson Management Group.

With a vision to empower the way individuals think, act and operate, Pastor Keion Henderson founded the annual L3 Leadership, Learning & Lifestyle Conference, The Well Experience Singles Conference and The Business Start-Up Lab, a global coaching and business accelerator program for emerging entrepreneurs, corporate, ministry and organizational leaders. He’s had the distinct honor of meeting with leaders and organizations in nearly every industry, helping to make the greatest impact to improve culture, fuel vision and create a roadmap of sustainable growth.

Pastor Keion Henderson is the Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, The Lighthouse Church of Houston where he gives leadership to more than 7,000 members and 50 staff members each week. His church embodies five generations of members, representing multiple countries from around the world.

Pastor Keion Henderson has been recognized as a CNN Heroes Award nominee and John Maxwell’s Top 250 Leaders. He has received numerous accolades from state, government and local officials for his work as a global humanitarian in providing relief and empowerment to those in need. Through his outreach efforts, Pastor Keion has served more than 150,000 meals in his local community and led disaster aid initiatives in Haiti, Florida and Southeast Texas. Pastor

Keion Henderson has devoted his life to empowering others to achieving greatness.


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