Keion Henderson is a provocative pastor with a dedicated and growing following. His church, The Lighthouse Church, was birthed in 2009 with just above 100 charter members. Pastor Henderson now delivers God’s message to over 6,000 people and has a 40,000 square foot church located in Humble, TX.

What makes Pastor Henderson different? Noted as one of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s (his home state) top educators, Pastor Henderson was called to serve God at age fourteen. In fact, he delivered his first ministry during his freshman year of high school. His continued ability to help amplify people’ s faith and rebuild their relationships with God and church is direct, honest and entertaining.

Withstanding the Storm; Pastor Henderson’s flagship campaign is to help people of all backgrounds “withstand the storm” by relying on their faith in God. While restoring hope is never easy, Pastor Henderson has become a pillar within the international and multi-cultural religious culture as a result of his unique ability to present God’ s message in a charismatic manner during the darkest times in people’ s lives.

Pastor Henderson is married to Lady Felecia and together have three lovely daughters. Pastor Henderson doesn’t believe in avoiding “hot button” issues. Instead, he believes a real relationship with God is based on addressing “real issues” and seeking Bible-based answers as a community.


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