As a charismatic Leader, Visionary, provocative Thinker, Entrepreneur and best-selling Author, Bishop T.D. Jakes brings a bold, honest, heartfelt, and personal perspective to real-world issues through powerful conferences and a plethora of candid sermons while training the next wave of leaders to assume their roles in the Kingdom. There is no place better to be initiated into the next move of God and obtain awesome instruction than at the 2016 International Pastors & Leadership Conference!

The challenging task God has assigned you requires you to have vision beyond the familiar boundaries of your life. Therefore, this year’s Conference has been aptly themed Build Locally, Think Globally! Innovators, Trailblazers, Pastors, and Entrepreneurs, the world is ripe for the taking for Kingdom-Children! Receive encouragement as you are armed with the necessary tools and techniques to take your organization or church to a global level at the 2016 International Pastors & Leadership Conference!