Discover answers to many frequently asked questions about the International Pastors & Leadership Conference. Have another question? Contact our customer service team via 1.800.BISHOP.2.

General FAQ’s

What is the address of the conference?

The conference will be held at the Tampa Bay Convention Center located at 333 S. Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602.

I can no longer attend the conference. Can I receive a refund?

To provide event attendees with quality programming, early fundraising efforts for the event help ensure the event's success. Due to this, we are unable to accommodate refunds or transfers to other events. However, we'd be happy to help you donate your registration to another individual to attend in your place. Simply contact us at 1.800.BISHOP.2 for assistance.

Will childcare be provided during the conference?

There will be no on-site childcare available during the International Pastors & Leadership Conference.

Will there be an expo?

There will not be an expo this year. If you are interested in exhibiting at our other events, contact us at exhibitors@tdjakes.org.

Is there a luggage room available?

At this time we are unable to provide an on-site luggage room for attendees.

What is the dress code?

Business casual.

Will translation be provided at the conference?

Yes. We are offering translation for Spanish, French, and Portuguese speakers.

Do you have any scholarships for this event?

At this time, we do not have any available scholarships. However, you can send a request outlining your need for assistance to conferences@tdjakes.org. Your request will be reviewed and placed on the scholarship list for further consideration. A representative from the conference team will contact you if a scholarship becomes available.

Will this event be live streamed?

As of now, there are no plans to offer any live streaming of the International Pastors & Leadership Conference. However, certain sessions will be available for purchase.

Transportation FAQ’s

Is ground transportation provided at any time during the International Pastors & Leadership Conference?

Transportation is not provided during the event. All transportation is to be arranged at the attendee’s discretion, including to/from the hotels, etc.

I am bringing a group by bus. Where do I park?

Please utilize the 1301 N. Morgan Street parking lot. All buses will have to pay to park at the parking station. Pricing is dependent upon the size of the bus and time parked.

Registration FAQ’s

Do I need to register to attend the International Pastors & Leadership Conference?

Yes. Everyone must register to attend any sessions of the International Pastors & Leadership Conference.

Will our ID be sent in advance?

Badges for the International Pastors & Leadership Conference will not be mailed to attendees’ homes. All attendees will pick up their credentials during the registration hours of the conference.


Please contact us at 1.800.Bishop.2 (1.800.247.4672) Sunday 6-2 p.m., and Monday-Friday 6-6 p.m.

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