Global Think Tanks
The Global Think Tank is a platform for some of the country’s most eminent thinkers, movers, and shakers to come together to discuss REAL issues that affect our world today! From politics, to culture, to faith, we aim to create a forum where even the most controversial topics can be gracefully discussed with thought-provoking insight! When people from all around the world come together and contemplate the roles of leadership in our society, things begin to change. And that is precisely what will happen during the GLOBAL THINK TANK!

Global Think Tank 1: "Social Entrepreneurship"

  • Starting a company that not only focuses on the development of a successful business, but one that also takes the lead in making a greater impact on the world through social change, is the new type of entrepreneurship. Learn how people are responding to it, and how you can take the steps to change the world and your business for the better.
Panel Speaker(s): Holten Buggs | Alfred A. Edmond Jr. | Dr. Field Harrison | Alison Draper - Moderator

Global Think Tank 2: "Sexual Misconduct #metoo"

  • One of the largest echoes of women’s voices came through the viral #metoo campaign, as women spoke out on how they’d endured sexual assault and misconduct in the past, many of which impacted our churches and offices. Learn how to approach the issue, and what ways we can improve or alter our response so that victims are supported.
Panel Speaker(s): Monique Pressley | Natasha Stewart M. A., LPC | Yodit Tewolde | Michelle Bernard | Lisa Bevere

Global Think Tank 3: "Serving Five Generations"

  • Five Generations currently exist within the church body, and each generation typically has an opinion of the other four. How do we accept our differences and learn from each other? Join us for a panel discussion where each generation is represented.
Panel Speaker(s): Forest Smith | Valerie Crumpton | Patrick E. Winfield II | Keion Henderson | Dexter Jakes | Tina Polite - Moderator


Breakout Sessions Topics

Is Gospel Music Dead?

  • We are addressing gospel music’s relevancy in a society that finds entertainment, and even inspiration in secular music. With the creation of sub genres in gospel (rap, contemporary, etc), artists have been able to impact rising generations, but has this put the genre, in its traditional form, in danger of dying out?
Speaker(s): Kirk Franklin | Phil Thornton | Yashima White AziLove | Jawn Murray | Stanley Brown

The Unexpected Turbulence (Security & IT)

  • Gone are the days where security is a simple precaution. In 2018, we are having to build defenses on multiple fronts. It’s imperative to not only protect the physical location in which you conduct your day-to-day operations, but to also build cyber defenses that will protect your digital infrastructure and give you peace of mind. Learn more on how to be prepared for almost any unforeseen obstacle that may threaten the safety of your organization.
Speaker(s): Sean Smith | FEMA | Lance Goudy

Spirituality vs. Religion

  • When someone says that they are "Spiritual" rather than "Religious" – what exactly are they saying? Learn the difference between the two, and see what the bible says about both.
Speaker(s): Touré Roberts

Digital Footprint

  • Developing a presence online is important as we are living in a digital society. Learn social strategies that will help set you apart and engage the people you want to reach.
Speaker(s): Marc Jeffrey | Tiffani Robinson

Mission: Serving in the Field (Crisis Response)

  • It is our responsibility as Believers to show Christ’s love through service to our neighbors, both near and far. Learn how to develop your team and vision in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish your goals. Whether local national or international…ignite the passion for missions.
Speaker(s): Ronnie Guynes | Zunoraine Holmes

The Flight Plan (Preparing for Success)

  • In order to fly, you must first have a flight plan. In business, it is no different. Learn the importance of setting a business plan, the first step to take in completing one, and how to implement it into your day to day practice.
Speaker(s): Holten Buggs

The Art of Work, Life Balance

  • Mental health is a concept that is ignored in our society and we are constantly fed an unrealistic image of what it means to work hard. Placing work ethic above all else can not only decrease productivity, but lead to many mental challenges, such as anxiety and depression, while negatively impacting those who are closest to you. Discover where to draw the line between work and life, and how over working can ultimately decrease the opportunity for white space (strategic pauses) in your life.
Speaker(s): Natasha Stewart M. A., LPC | Dr. Jill Waggoner Jones

Hidden Figures in Finance

  • Discover the meaning of the financial trends of your business and how you can set yourself up for success, through saving, investing, and wise financial decisions.
Speaker(s): John Mardenborough | Vonni Guthrie | Andre Guthrie | Fundraise 411

The Muscle Behind the Vision

  • Behind every great vision is a team of administrators that work in tangent with the vision. If you’re a part of a team, learn how to embrace your ability to be the wind beneath the wings of an organization.
Speaker(s): Beverly Robinson | Antar Muhammad

Soaring As Nation (Understanding Our Differences)

  • Barriers and walls are built out of misunderstanding, fear, and often times the inability to accept differences. However, our diversity is what make our relationships, families, congregations, and country what they are. Learn exactly what proper tools can be used to start healing and soaring as a nation, and how embracing contrasts can lead to unity.
Speaker(s): Samuel Rodriguez

Fine Tuning the Creative Arts (Music & Fine Arts)

  • Your visual and performing arts department should complement and support the momentum of your soaring ministry. Learn practical tools in managing your music staff, how to recruit and retain a healthy volunteer pool, and adapt to your audience’s tastes by creating worship experiences that are not only relevant, but impactful!
Speaker(s): Oscar Williams | Asaph Ward | Thaddeus Tribbett | Mickye Castillo | Justin Savage | Aiya Lawson


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